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Personal Trainer — Rohnert Park

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Title: Personal Trainer
Area of Interest: Fitness
Address: 6345 Commerce Blvd
City: Rohnert Park
State: California
ZipCode: 95928
Job Description:
Job Summary
A Personal Trainer assists members with education and guidance on proper food intake, cardio respiratory training, supplementation and resistance training
. Responsible for delivering the 24 Hour Fitness Service Promise; contribute to running a clean, friendly and well maintained club, and executing the team member basics of being on time and complying with the dress code.
. Provides a safe and interactive environment to clients and members.
. Conducts all activities in a positive and professional manner.
. Follows all Fitness department and company policies and procedures.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
A Personal Trainer is responsible for performing the following activities for the club
Service and Train Clients (70 : 90 of time)
. Assist club members in understanding how to operate the weight resistance and cardiovascular equipment correctly
. Evaluate member needs and assist and encourage members to achieve fitness goals
. Demonstrate safe exercises which are approved by 24 Hour Fitness and/or the approved certification agencies
. Understand and demonstrate all aspects of the Fitness Orientation program and its benefits to club members
. Demonstrate safe and proper exercise technique to members at all times
. Arrive on time, prepared, enthusiastic and attentive for every training appointment without fail
Sales/Prospecting (0 : 20 of time)
. Presents personal training to all members and demonstrate the value of the program
. Schedule Fitness Orientation appointments with new members
. Conduct Fitness Orientations with members not enrolled in service or as assigned by Fitness Manager
. Complete all Fitness Orientation follow:up and confirmation calls as required
. Assist in club promotions where applicable
. Assist, at the Fitness Managers request, in all revenue generating activities to include but not limited to supplement booths, body fat tables, seminars, workshops etc.
. Meet minimum monthly revenue, service and supplementation goals as assigned by Fitness Manager
Administration/Misc. (10 of time)
. Design client programs
. Maintain client training file record keeping
. Gain familiarity with overall club activities in departments including: Fitness, Service, and Sales
. Assist in implementing club and company policies and procedures
. Re:rack all weights and assists in maintaining a neat, organized and clean club
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
. Principles of physical fitness and proper exercise technique
. Fitness Orientation program
. Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing
. Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with those contacted in the course of duties
. Adjust and operate fitness equipment
. Performance of a variety of exercise routines
. Basic salesmanship principles
. Active listening
Certifications / Educ