Group Exercise Instructor - Rohnert Park

Group Exercise Instructor — Rohnert Park

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Title: Group Exercise Instructor
Area of Interest: Group X
Address: 6345 Commerce Blvd
City: Rohnert Park
State: California
ZipCode: 95928
Job Description: The following is an outline of the primary job duties for a Group X Instructor. The list is not intended to be inclusive, but only representative of the primary tasks required for the successful performance of the position.
Employee Responsibilities
. Possesses the ability to follow directions.
. Submits all work in accordance with deadlines.
. Adheres and enforces department/company policies and procedures.
. Attends instructor trainings and meetings as required.
. Assists in promoting sessions, programs, and events as directed.
. Directs member concerns to AGXM or appropriate club personnel
. Reviews and complies with 24 Hour Fitness and GXI Manual (and Group X Manual DVD) information
. Stores and cares for all equipment neatly, appropriately as directed.
. Reports broken equipment and maintenance needs to AGXM/GXC and documents problem in equipment/ stereo maintenance log
. Maintains home or work email and phone accessibility
. Returns emails and phone calls within 48 hours.
. Follows 24 Hour Fitness Group X guidelines on finding a substitute or giving up a session
. Reports/responds to substitution requests and availability
. Reviews GXI e:newsletter, 24 Hour Fitness and GX information and updates as directed by AGXS
. Reviews GXI communication station 1x week
. Updates GXI Instructor Profile and related documents twice per year (June and December)
. Adheres to Group X Instructor Excellence Program requirements.
. Records sessions taught according to Time and Labor guidelines
. Records session counts on Time and Labor as directed
. Performs Time and Labor adjustments as needed
. Recruits and refers potential candidates to Instructor Search, Instructor Training and Xpedition
. Attends Practice to Pass to qualify for new session assignments
. Obtains required 24 Hour Fitness CECs for current session assignments.
. Remains current with Group exercise guidelines, research and Group X signature format guidelines.
. Maintains current CPR certificate and company approved industry certifications

Instructing Responsibilities
. Works no more than 15sessions between all clubs assigned
. Instructs no more than 5 sessions at any one club
. Instructs no more than 2 prime time sessions per club
. Instructs and leads scheduled, Group X approved sessions only
. Teaches scheduled session format as per Group X guidelines (GXI Manual DVD)
. Starts and finishes session as scheduled.
. Completes Incident Report for injuries, incidents
. Handles minor member concerns
. Supports 24 Hour Fitness company policies and procedures.
. Promotes all 24Hour Fitness events as directed
. Is punctual, dependable and positive
. Educates members on safe techniques and guidelines
. Instructs session to the ability level of the students participating.
. Monitors participants through perceived rate of exertion and response